Ingredients of a System Image

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Our DHCOM computer on module units are supplied initially programmed with the bootloader U-Boot. We offer pre-programming with the complete system image (including customer application) for the delivery in the series. The following table indicates which components therefor necessarily have to be already provided by you and which are optional depending on the situation.


In the following table lists all ingredients of a Linux system image. For automatic programming images the latter components are required in addition.

Image Component Required Recommended Note
Bootloader U-Boot No No In the most cases there are no project specific features in the bootloader. If you do not provide a customized bootloader we at DH electronics assume it is ok to use our latest version with the best hardware support.
U-Boot Environment No Yes If your project does not need any special variables or kernel arguments we use our latest standard bootloader u-boot environment. A quick change during the development can be missed likely. We recommend to provide your "printenv" output.
Settings Yes Yes For details have a look at DHCOM Settings
Splash Bitmap No Yes
uLinuxEnv.txt No Yes Please refer to "U-Boot Environment". uLinuxEnv.txt is a enhancement of the U-Boot Environment.
Linux Kernel Yes Yes
Linux Devicetree Yes Yes
Linux Rootfilesystem Yes Yes Your application and services should be installed in the rootfilesystem. Please provide *.tar.gz Archives.
Automatic Prog. Images The following components are used to program the image. They are not programmed to the target, they are a tool for programming.
Update Kernel Yes Yes Please visit the download area of the appropriate DHCOM device.
- progress.bmp
- error.bmp
- done.bmp
No Yes This Bitmaps are shown on the display during programming. Not required for headless systems.
DHupdate.ini Yes Yes For further information see I.MX6 Update Mechanism or DHCOM Flash Update (i.MX25 und AM35x)