Linux Kernel Features

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On this page you can find a collection of additional content about some linux kernel features. Have a look at the subpages to get information about how to enable and use this features. In the most cases we provide you a step by step guide.

Supported USB Devices by imx6_dhcom_defconfig

  • WLAN USB stick EDIMAX N150
  • Ethernet adapter DELOCK 61147 (Adapter USB2.0 > LAN10/100Mb/s)
  • Atmel USB maXTouch
  • COM-port of Cypress CY7C65215 (USB Modem CDC ACM Support)
  • USB to serial adpater
    • FTDI Chips
    • CP210x UART bridges
    • GSM and CDMA modems (option)

USB Gadget Driver

With the USB Gadget feature you can use the USB-OTG port to let the board work in USB slave mode.