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 In the following sheet you can find the GPIOs and their linux-number


How to control a GPIO:

1. cd /sys/class/gpio
2. create new directory: echo 44 >export
3. go into this directory: cd gpio44
4. show if GPIO is used as an input or an output: cat direction
5. change output to '1'=high: echo 1 >value
6. change GPIO to input: echo in >direction
7. show input value: cat value


Development Software

To write your own VDHL-code you can use the ispLEVER Classic Software from Lattice ([1]

You also need a programmer (e.g. HW-USBN-2A from Lattice) to deploy the VHDL-Code on your PLD.

After installing the software and the drivers for your programmer you can start a new project.

Programming example

You can find a demo-project

You have to download the *.jed-File with the programmer to your PLD.

 In the constraint editor of ispLEVER you can define, which input X_VAR1 is.
 In this example GPIO E is defined as X_VAR1. If you define GPIO E as an
 output and set GPIO E high, the PLD LED should flash red.