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Performance & Features

Have a look at this youtube video to get an overview of the performace of the am3517 with the NEON coprocessor and the SGX 530 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) included.

  • The NEON coprocessor implements the Advanced SIMD media processing architecture. Single instruction, multiple data (SIMD), is a class of parallel computers with multiple processing elements that perform the same operation on multiple data simultaneously. E. g. NEON is used for video encoding.
  • The SGX 530 Graphics Processing Unit includes the Universal Scalable Shader Engine (USSE™), with a feature set that exceeds the requirements of OpenGL 2.0 and Microsoft Shader Model 3, enabling 2D, 3D and general purpose (GP-GPU) processing in a single core. This GPU is not included in the AM3505.


  • Cortex-A8 AM3505/17 @ 600 MHz
  • AM3517 inclusive 3d acceleration / AM3505 without 3d acceleration
  • 0 - 2048 MB SLC-NAND flash
  • 64 - 512 MB DDR2-333
  • MicroSD socket onboard
  • Bus interface: 16 addresslines and 16 datalines
  • 4-bit SD/MMC card interface
  • LC-Displaycontroller, RGB, 24 Bit colour depth, 1400 x 1050 Pixel
  • Touchcontroller onboard, 4-wire resistive
  • Ethernet 10/100 MBit
  • 2x USB Host high-speed, USB OTG high-speed
  • Serial Interfaces: 3x UART, 2x I²C, 2x SPI
  • CAN Interface: 1 Mbit/s
  • I²S Audiocodec
  • Real-time Clock RTC onboard
  • Temperature range: Operating -40 to +85 °C
  • SODIMM-200 Connector DHCOM Standard

Software Support


X-Loader Binary and Source

U-Boot Binary and Source

Settings Files

DHupdate.ini example

Update Bitmap example files

Splash Image examples for AM35x

Root Filesystem Update Kernel

Linux Kernel Binary and Sources

Debian Rootfilesystem

latest changes: 2014-10-30 -> 2015-06-09
- Update dh gpio utils to v1.6
- Stop display blanking
latest changes: 2014-08-22 -> 2014-10-30
- Fixed shellshock (CVE-2014-6271)

Virtual Machine for Application Development

Code Examples for Userspace-Applications to Access SPI, I2C, GPIOs, and more