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Development Software

To write your own VDHL-code you can use the ispLEVER Classic Software from Lattice ([1]

You also need a programmer (e.g. HW-USBN-2A from Lattice) to deploy the VHDL-Code on your PLD.

After installing the software and the drivers for your programmer you can start a new project.

Programming example

You can find a demo-project

For the demo-project you need an additional hardware.

You can find the schematic here:media:SRAM.pdf

IO addressing

DHCOM: SRAM hardware: Connector:
A0 PLD_A0 PLD_IO7 / X11 Pin7
A1 PLD_A1 PLD_IO9 / X11 Pin9
A2 PLD_A2 PLD_IO11 / X11 Pin11
A3 PLD_A3 PLD_IO13 / X11 Pin13
A4 PLD_A4 PLD_IO15 / X11 Pin15
A5 PLD_A5 PLD_IO37 / X11 Pin9
A6 PLD_A6 PLD_IO39 / X11 Pin39
A7 PLD_A7 PLD_IO41 / X11 Pin41
A8 PLD_A8 PLD_IO43 / X11 Pin43
A9 PLD_A9 PLD_IO45 / X11 Pin45
A10 PLD_A10 PLD_IO44 / X11 Pin44
A11 PLD_A11 PLD_IO42 / X11 Pin42
A12 PLD_A12 PLD_IO40 / X11 Pin40
A13 PLD_A13 PLD_IO38 / X11 Pin38
A14 PLD_A14 PLD_IO36 / X11 Pin36
A15 PLD_A15 PLD_IO12 / X11 Pin12
PLD_A16 PLD_IO10 / X11 Pin10
PLD_A17 PLD_IO8 / X11 Pin8
CS_A RAM_CS PLD_IO17 / X11 Pin17
OE RAM_OE PLD_IO14 / X11 Pin14
WE RAM_WE PLD_IO35 / X11 Pin35
RAM_LB PLD_IO18 / X11 Pin18
RAM_UB PLD_IO16 / X11 Pin16
D0 PLD_D0 PLD_IO19 / X11 Pin19
D1 PLD_D1 PLD_IO21 / X11 Pin21
D2 PLD_D2 PLD_IO23 / X11 Pin23
D3 PLD_D3 PLD_IO25 / X11 Pin25
D4 PLD_D4 PLD_IO27 / X11 Pin27
D5 PLD_D5 PLD_IO29 / X11 Pin29
D6 PLD_D6 PLD_IO31 / X11 Pin31
D7 PLD_D7 PLD_IO33 / X11 Pin33
D8 PLD_D8 PLD_IO34 / X11 Pin34
D9 PLD_D9 PLD_IO32 / X11 Pin32
D10 PLD_D10 PLD_IO30 / X11 Pin30
D11 PLD_D11 PLD_IO28 / X11 Pin28
D12 PLD_D12 PLD_IO26 / X11 Pin26
D13 PLD_D13 PLD_IO24 / X11 Pin24
D14 PLD_D14 PLD_IO22 / X11 Pin22
D15 PLD_D15 PLD_IO20 / X11 Pin20

You have to download the *.jed-File with the programmer to your PLD.