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== OpenSTLinux Image Changelog ==
== OpenSTLinux Image Changelog ==
'''Changelog v6.9.0 to v7.0.0:'''
* meta-av96 was updated to use OpenSTLinux v3.0.0
* Linux kernel 5.10
* no new features since meta-av96 v6.9
'''Changelog v6.5.0 to v6.9.0:'''
'''Changelog v6.5.0 to v6.9.0:'''
* Added PPP support for the Quectel EC-25 module on the LTE-Sensors mezzanine board.  
* Added PPP support for the Quectel EC-25 module on the LTE-Sensors mezzanine board.  

Latest revision as of 14:04, 24 November 2021

OpenSTLinux Image Changelog

Changelog v6.9.0 to v7.0.0:

  • meta-av96 was updated to use OpenSTLinux v3.0.0
  • Linux kernel 5.10
  • no new features since meta-av96 v6.9

Changelog v6.5.0 to v6.9.0:

  • Added PPP support for the Quectel EC-25 module on the LTE-Sensors mezzanine board.
  • Added a Python-based application for demonstrating how to connect to the Azure IoT Hub and send telemetrie data. This demo also works through an LTE connection.

Changelog v6.0.0 to v6.5.0:

  • upgraded to use OpenSTLinux v2.1
  • Linux kernel 5.4.56
  • support added for D3 camera mezzanine
  • Docker 19.03.8-ce added
  • static IP address fixed on usb0 interface
  • headless boot fixed

Changelog v5.0.0 to v6.0.0:

  • upgrade to OpenSTLinux v2.0 which is the latest distro from ST and is based on Yocto Dunfell LTS and Linux 5.4
  • direct support for the Shiratech 96B-MEZ-CAM1 board which demonstrates the OnSemi AR1337 image sensor and the OnSemi AP1302 ISP https://www.shiratech-solutions.com/products/cam1/
Other features and issues
The standard uSD image created by the BSP now contains 4 different boot modes:
The boot mode can be selected in U-Boot menu during startup.
One remaining minor issue of the BSP is that STM32CubeProgrammer can’t initialize the uSD card when the selected boot media is NOR+SDCARD. It can initialize the NOR flash and with separately written uSD card the whole NOR+SDCARD boot process works. Later I will try to fix the BSP so that STM32CubeProgrammer can do the whole initialization in a single step.

Changelog v4.1.0 to v5.0.0:

  • tf-a now supports pure eMMC boot on silicon revision 2.1, rev Z
  • init script moved to meta-av96-scripts repo, manifest file moved to manifest-av96 repo. meta-av96 layer is now totally independent of the manifest and init scripts.
  • meta-av96 now uses STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.2.0
  • meta-av96 and av96-5.0.img uSD card image now support the “apt-get” feature of STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.2.0

Changelog v3.2.0 to v4.1.0:

  • STMIPID02 and D3 camera mezzanine patches added, OV5640 camera can be tested with the default Weston GUI.
  • Source folder structure reworked. meta-av96 now uses a ‘repo’ manifest-based setup. ‘thud’ branch created and folder structure resembles more the ST way.

Changelog v2.1.0 to v3.2.0:

  • U-Boot sets ethernet MAC address from 24AA02 EEprom
  • mmc0 now supports switching to 1.8V, UHS-I cards speeded up
  • HW version 1 added to U-Boot device tree, U-Boot now checks HW version of the actual Avenger96 board
  • Flashlayout file generation fixed, no need to change Flashlayout files manually before programming nor+emmc

Changelog v2.0.3 to v2.1.0:

  • HDMI max resolution fixed, it’s 1280x720@60Hz again
  • DRAM size in U-Boot fixed, Linux now sees the whole 1GB
  • UART0 and SPI now supported on low-speed extension connector
  • tpm2-tools and tpm2-tss-engine for openssl added, TPM2.0 chip on Tresor board supported by openssl

Changelog v2.0.2 to v2.0.3:

  • DHCP server running at usb0 network interface

Changelog v2.0.1 to v2.0.2:

  • Supported features in U-Boot: UART, DDR3, QSPI, uSD, eMMC, ethernet
  • PRODUCT_BELOW_2V5 fix in U-Boot
  • Supported features in Linux: UART, uSD, eMMC, USB host, USB OTG, HDMI, GPU, WiFi, Bluetooth, Gbit ethernet
  • STM32CubeProgrammer can initialize NOR, eMMC, uSD
  • Avenger96 can boot from uSD or NOR+eMMC
  • BSP contains a single meta-av96 layer and a readme.txt
  • BSP builds the whole uSD or NOR+eMMC image in a single step, no extra file operations are needed
  • Standard STM32MP157C-DK2 demo runs on Avenger96: WiFi hotspot, video playback with sound, 3D demo

Improvements compared to av96 v2.0.1:

  • SDMMC1,2,3 order fixed, build process simplified
  • WiFi fixed
  • Sound over HDMI, GPU support (there was no GPU in v2.0.1 because of EULA issues during build)
  • Bluetooth support, dummy soundcard added for BT (not tested yet)
  • QSPI, eMMC in U-Boot, PRODUCT_BELOW_2V5 programming added -> Gbit ethernet
  • STM32CubeProgrammer can initialize NOR, eMMC, uSD (a single manual modification of flashlayout files is still needed for NOR+eMMC boot -> needs to be documented yet)

Changelog v1.2 to v2.0.1:

  • Switch to ST v1.0.0 SDK with 4.19 kernel
  • Till now, not all features of v1.2 (based on beta1 release of ST with 4.14 kernel support) are supported with v2.0.1 release
  • NOT working: QSPI in U-Boot and Linux, eMMC in U-Boot, WiFi, …
  • Working interfaces: HDMI, Ethernet, USB, uSD card and Gigabit ethernet (on board with programmed PRODUCT_BELOW_2V5 fuse)

Changelog v1.1 to v1.2:

  • /home/root folder contains simple OpenAMP demo
  • HSLVEN_QSPI fix (from ST) was added to make QSPI boot work again with PRODUCT_BELOW_2V5 programmed

Changelog v1.0 to v1.1:

  • Updated U-Boot which programs the PRODUCT_BELOW_2V5 fuse if necessary and reboots the board
  • BUCK3 voltage changed to 2.5V which enables Gbit ethernet support
  • Icon added in Weston for starting glmark2-es2-wayland
  • /etc/issue contains version info
  • Reduced display resolution of HDMI

Old Images and Yocto releases: