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XLON DH electronics

XLON products


Hardware Development

Software Development

XLON Configuration

The XLON Uxx LonWorks interfaces come with two different flavours of configuration:

  1. Vendor mode - does not appear as a serial port in the system.
  2. CDC/ACM mode - appears as a (virtual) serial port in the system.

This configuration can be replaced by using the xlon-util tool.

XLON Tools

With the following links you can download the xlon-util for different architectures:

The xlon-util packages containes the xlon-util to configure the xlon-u10. It also contains the xlon-api libs to integrate the xlon-util functionality into a custom application.
The dependency packages contains libraries which are not in the debian repositories.
The development packages contains the api header files to compile a custom application with the xlon-api libs.

Windows Drivers

Drivers for various 32- and 64-Bit versions of Windows operating system:

Vendor mode Drivers
CPU x86 CPU x64:
Windows 7 XLON-2G-Win7-x86.zip XLON-2G-Win7-x64.zip
Windows 8 XLON-2G-Win8-x86.zip XLON-2G-Win8-x64.zip
Windows 8.1 XLON-2G-Win8.1-x86.zip XLON-2G-Win8.1-x64.zip
Windows 10 XLON-U10-Vendor_x86.zip XLON-U10-Vendor_x64.zip
CDC/ACM mode Drivers
CPU x86 CPU x64:
Windows 7 XLON-2G-Win7-x86-cdc-acm.zip XLON-2G-Win7-x64-cdc-acm.zip
Windows 8 XLON-2G-Win8-x86-cdc-acm.zip XLON-2G-Win8-x64-cdc-acm.zip
Windows 8.1 XLON-2G-Win8.1-x86-cdc-acm.zip XLON-2G-Win8.1-x64-cdc-acm.zip
Windows 10 XLON-U10-CDC_x86.zip XLON-U10-CDC_x64.zip

Important: If you experience an error about missing 'Microsoft Visual C 2010 redistributable' when starting xlon_util.exe, please download it from the Microsoft site.


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