Avenger96 Camera Support

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The support for the CSI interface is not implemented in the Yocto sources yet. If you want to use the D3 camera mezzanine board, you need to do the following steps at first.

Get the patches and implent them into your own Yocto source

Download the patch package: here Copy the package content into the meta-av96 layer: meta-av96/recipes-bsp/linux-stm32mp/files

Edit the linux-stm32mp recipe (meta-av96/recipes-bsp/linux-stm32mp/linux-stm32mp_%.bbappend) and add the patch files.

For example :

SRC_URI += "file://0003-dts-pinctrl-enable-pull-up-on-dcmi-pins.patch"

Then rebuild your image.

Test your image

If you want to easily check if your implementation works, apply the D3 camera mezzanine board to your AV96 board and boot your image.

After ST's demo launcher has started, click on the "camera preview" option.

Your patches have been applied correctly, if a camera window pops up.